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Tune-Up Service & Engine Repair


Getting a regular tune-up is essential. It helps maintain your vehicle in top condition, keeps a pulse on any ongoing issues, and diagnoses new problems that may arise. Your car may show specific symptoms that indicate a tune-up is needed, but sometimes it will show no signs at all until it merely breaks down. Having tune-ups done on a routine schedule will ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly.

Check your manufacturer recommendations, but usually a tune-up needs to be completed every two years to check the car's all-around performance and identify areas that can be optimized or enhanced.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs A Tune-Up:

  • Unusual sounds – If you hear knocking, clunking, squealing, or any sound you're not used to hearing while your vehicle runs, this is likely a cry for help! The team at Brakes Plus can identify the origin of the sound and perform a tune-up where necessary to eliminate it.

  • Poor gas mileage – When your car isn't burning fuel at the rate it should, this results in decreased fuel efficiency. This often indicates problems with your spark plugs or fuel injectors. A tune-up can resolve these issues to eliminate unnecessary gas-guzzling.

  • Difficulty starting – Having trouble cranking up your car? This can be the result of several different issues, and our technicians can diagnose the cause. Just don't ignore it!

  • Engine stalling – If your vehicle stalls while it's running, this might point to faulty spark plugs, clogged fuel injectors, or other problems under the hood.

  • Manufacturer recommendations – Even if your car shows no signs of trouble, performing tune-ups on a schedule can prevent symptoms from occurring and prolong your car's life. Refer to your manufacturer recommendations for your vehicle's tune-up schedule, and when in doubt, ask an expert at Brakes Plus.

What's Included In A Tune-Up Service?

The technicians at your local Brakes Plus will perform a FREE inspection of your engine and the other components under your hood. If any issues are found, you'll receive a full explanation and an estimate before any work is performed. Some tune-up services we may recommend include:

  • Fuel filter replacement

  • Engine air filter replacement

  • Replacement of ignition components, such as the distributor cap and rotor

  • Spark plug and wire replacement

  • Adjustment of the clutch on vehicles with manual transmission

  • Serpentine belt replacement

  • Battery service, including cleaning any corrosion on the terminals

Benefits Of Regular Tune-Up Service:

  • Improvement in overall vehicle performance

  • Prolonged engine life

  • Better gas mileage

  • Decreased exhaust emissions

Schedule an appointment for a tune-up service and we will help ensure you get the best performance and longest life possible out of your car!