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Shocks & Struts Repair Service


Kind of makes that girl that 'sells seashells on the seashore' seem pretty silly, huh? Well, shocks and struts are pretty serious, and often overlooked when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

When it comes to keeping your vehicle on the road (literally), shocks and struts are crucial. Shocks and struts control the bounce of your wheels (and you!) on uneven terrain, and also limit your car's side-to-side sway.

As part of the suspension system, weak shocks or struts can cause an uncomfortable ride and poor handling. Generally, your car will have shocks or struts, one or the other – not both. They perform essentially the same function, but using different methods.

What’s The Difference Between Shocks & Struts?

Simply put, a strut provides structural support within the suspension system, helping to hold the weight of your vehicle, while a shock does not. Struts hold the tires in alignment – which is why it's important to have your alignment checked anytime you service your struts – while the shock stands alone as simply a shock absorber.

When Should You Get Shocks & Struts Checked Out?

Typically, shocks and struts should be replaced every 50,000 miles, but their lifespan can often vary based on driving conditions and the quality of parts. Watch for these common signs and symptoms to know if your shocks or struts are in need of service:

  • You feel excessive bounce in your ride

  • Your car lurches or the front dips when you brake

  • You notice abnormal or premature tire wear

  • Your car sways to one side when turning

  • Your steering wheel feels difficult to turn (this can also be a symptom of a steering problem)

Benefits Of Replacing Shocks & Struts

After replacing worn shocks or struts, you'll notice many benefits such as:

  • A smoother ride, especially on bumpy roads

  • Improved braking ability

  • Slower wear on your tires and suspension system

  • Better steering control

If you suspect it's time to replace your shocks or struts, or just want to make sure they're in optimal condition, our experts at your local Brakes Plus will inspect your suspension system, diagnose any issues and perform the necessary repairs! We offer top-quality shocks and struts at an affordable price, and we have shock and strut coupons to boot!