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Exhaust System & Muffler Service


Mufflers are a quiet type (at least when they're working as intended), but we're going to brag on them for a minute! Not only do they keep your vehicle noise down – which keeps your neighbors happy – they also cut down on the pollution released by your car. Mufflers are just one part of the all-important exhaust system on your vehicle.

What Does The Exhaust System Do?

The exhaust system is an often-overlooked yet crucial system that protects both you and the environment. Harmful fumes are generated as your engine runs, and the exhaust system routes these fumes away from the engine and passenger cabin. It performs this function while also boosting your vehicle's performance and reducing noise.

A leak in the exhaust system causes your engine to work harder than it should, reducing fuel efficiency. On top of that, it puts you at risk of inhaling hazardous fumes and also releases them into the environment. That's a scenario to avoid if at all possible. And, guess what? It's possible!

Symptoms Of Exhaust & Muffler Issues:

  • Louder-than-normal engine noise – A rusted muffler, cracks in the pipe, or leaks in the exhaust system are a likely cause for this cacophony.

  • (Not) good vibrations – An exhaust leak could be to blame for vibration in your steering wheel, gas pedal, or even throughout your entire vehicle.

  • Decreased gas mileage – Your engine has to burn more fuel as it works harder to make up for a failing exhaust system.

  • Whining or rattling – Listen for a whining noise from the engine or rattling sounds from beneath your car, even (especially) when you're idling.

  • Noxious smell – If an exhaust leak is allowing excessive fumes into the air, and especially if these fumes are inside your passenger cabin, bring your vehicle in immediately.

Brakes Plus Has You Covered For Exhaust System Repairs

Your exhaust system does its important job while hanging from the underside of your vehicle. This can expose it to road debris, bumpy rides, and of course the normal wear-and-tear that all parts experience with age. We recommend having your this system inspected at least once a year to keep your vehicle running as efficiently, safely, and quietly as possible.

Book your appointment or simply stop by Brakes Plus for an exhaust system inspection or repair!