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Headlight Repair Service & Replacement


I'm gonna let it shine... those headlights, we mean! Most headlights will dim over time, so checking them regularly and replacing as necessary ensures the best lighting performance for the long haul – keeping you (and others) safe on the road.

Replacing dim or burned-out headlamps with newer model lamps can not only provide 30% brighter light, but also improve your night visibility by nearly 25%! Pro Tip: Make sure you replace your headlamps or taillights in pairs to avoid uneven illumination, which can reduce your driving visibility.

How To Tell If Headlights Need Replacing?

  • Flickering headlights – When your car's lights begin to flicker or fade in and out, your bulbs may be reaching the end of their lifespan. It could also mean there's a faulty connection, or be indicative of a more serious issue with your alternator, but our team can help diagnose it for you! If it's a headlight problem, your headlight will typically burn out in just a short time after the flickering begins.

  • Dim or hazy headlights – As we mentioned earlier, it's normal for headlights to dim over time. This can sometimes be due to a hazy headlamp cover, which can be cleaned with a special cleanser, but it can also be caused by the bulbs losing brightness as they naturally age over time. Our team can quickly identify this for you and determine if you need a new light or just a cleaning!

  • Low-beam headlights don't work, but high-beams do – If only your high-beams are working, this can be a symptom of one of two things. Either your low-beam bulb is out, which we can test by switching the low-beam and high-beam bulbs – or it could be a problem with the fuse, which could be blown, have a melted wire, or just a loose connection.

  • Headlights are out – This one seems obvious, yes? If your headlight is dead, it's time to turn the lights back on! Keep in mind again, if one light is out, it's a good idea to replace both to ensure even lighting, plus the other is likely to go out soon as well. Please avoid driving at night until the lights are replaced.

How We Change Your Headlight

Replacing your headlight can be pretty simple – but it can also be pretty tricky on certain vehicles! Many vehicles today have made changing out a bulb a quick fix by allowing you easy access into the housing, but there are also vehicles that make it a challenge – requiring removal of the bumper or light casing to make the switch. Good news is, our technicians are ready for any challenge!

While our experts can almost always replace your headlight in a matter of minutes, there are times when the housing has developed deep cracks or the seal has malfunctioned. In those cases, we'll need to replace the part itself in addition to the bulb, but we'll always provide a free estimate before beginning any repairs.

If you've got a headlight, taillight, or multiple lights out, simply stop by one of our Brakes Plus locations, or easily schedule your appointment online, and we’ll take care of it for you!