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Brake Inspection, Service & Repair


If you’re having issues with your brakes, roll on into Brakes Plus and our team will take a look – for FREE. Our expert technicians will diagnose any issues to determine whether repairs are necessary to your brake pads or shoes, rotors, or other parts of your braking system.

Signs You’re In Need Of Brake Service

  • Squealing, grinding, or growling noises – Although this one is fairly self-explanatory... if your vehicle sounds like a bunch of rocks in a food processor or an angry jungle animal, we advise you let us take a look!

  • Shaking or pulsing – If you notice your car shaking or pulsing when you brake, your brake pads may need to be replaced or your rotors could be warped.

  • Soft or hard braking – Is the brake pedal more or less resistant than usual? Does it sink all the way to the floor when you press it? These can be indications that you need service stat!

  • Pulling while braking – If your brakes are more worn down on one side than the other, your car may pull left or right when you hit the brakes.

  • Illuminated brake warning light – Your dashboard isn't lighting up just for fun. It's trying to tell you something!

What's Included In Our Free Brake Inspection?

We only use top-of-the-line equipment to run diagnostics on your braking system. We remove all four tires to ensure we're able to fully inspect each component. And the best part (well, other than the inspection being completely free) is the inspection only takes 20-30 minutes!

If we find you're in need of brake repairs or replacement, we'll welcome you into the bay to take a look at any problem areas with the help of our technicians. You'll also receive an estimate in writing before we begin any work on your vehicle.

Give us a call or quickly schedule your appointment online for a free brake check!