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CV Joints, Boots & Axles Repair Service


Remember the plastic cars you played with as a kid, with a thin metal pin running through and connecting each pair of wheels? That pin's counterpart in a real car is, of course, an axle. Unlike in those toy cars, the axles in our vehicles have to accommodate for a lot more motion than simply rolling the car back and forth.

That's where Constant Velocity (CV) joints and boots come in. They allow the axle to flex so the wheels themselves can turn left and right, and the suspension can move up and down. The CV joint allows for flexibility while the CV boot encases it, keeping debris out and lubricating grease inside.

CV joints, boots, and axles, along with the differential and transfer case, are all part of the drivetrain – the system that moves the power from your engine down to your wheels.

What Causes CV Boots & Joints To Break Down?

A leading cause of CV boot failure is simply grime accumulated from the road in normal driving conditions. Abrasive road gunk eats into the rubber the CV boot is made of, eventually exposing the joint inside to the elements.

CV joint damage increases the possibility of a breakdown, as power can no longer be effectively transferred to the wheels. In short – if your CV boots and joints go bad, get your walking boots ready!

Symptoms Of Worn CV Joints, Boots & Axles:

  • Thick grease leaking out around the wheel well

  • Clicking or popping noises when you turn

  • Vibration while driving, especially at high speeds

Benefits Of CV Joint, Boot & Axle Replacement:

  • Increased safety – Avoid breakdowns by ensuring these important components can properly transfer power to your wheels.

  • A smoother ride – No one likes a bumpy ride. Repairing damaged CV joints and axles will make your drive much more smooth.

  • No more noise – Eliminate the clicking, popping, or other sounds emanating from damaged CV joints and axles when you make turns.

  • Longer CV joint life – When your CV joints are protected within new CV boots, outside dirt cannot wreak havoc on their internal parts.

Healthy CV joints, boots, and axles will lengthen the life of your vehicle and provide you with peace of mind that you can get from A to B safely. Keep your wheels rolling on by scheduling your repair service with Brakes Plus!