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Car Diagnostic Service


Vehicles nowadays are largely run by computers. They control how cars start, drive, brake, deliver fuel into the engine, respond to your commands as the driver, and more. Electronic sensors throughout the engine send signals to your vehicle's onboard computer and trigger an error code when something's amiss.

This can all seem pretty complicated, but here’s the good news. Brakes Plus has expert PEOPLE who know more about those computers than the computers do.

When Do I Need a Car Diagnostic Test?

  • Warning lights – If the check engine light or any other warning indicators appear on your dashboard, your vehicle's computer is sensing something needs attention.

  • Performance changes – If your car is running differently or less efficiently than you're used to, it's best to get it checked out early and prevent larger issues in the future.

What's Included In A Diagnostic Test?

When you come into your nearest Brakes Plus for a diagnostic test, our technicians will use our state-of-the-art Snap-On VERUS auto diagnostic scanner (sounds fancy, huh?) to read signals coming from your vehicle’s computer and each of the engine sensors. If something’s not right, we can make sense of the error codes and pinpoint what the problem is.

The cost of a diagnostic test can differ based on your vehicle type, year, and level of inspection required. Your Brakes Plus technician can provide an accurate estimate before your service!

Benefits Of Diagnostic Testing:

When you come in for a diagnostic test as soon as you detect any potential issues, your car will thank you in so many ways. Our diagnostic tools can identify all sorts of issues, resulting in:

  • Less chance of small issues snowballing into larger – and more expensive – ones

  • Longer engine life

  • Increased fuel efficiency

  • Improved safety

  • Better performance overall

Set an appointment or stop by today to see how quick and easy a diagnostic test is at Brakes Plus!