close up of car steering wheel

Power Steering Service & Repair


There are a whole lot of moving parts between your steering wheel and your tires to make driving a safe and easy experience for you – the driver.

While your suspension helps keep your tires firmly intact with the road and proper wheel alignment maintains your vehicle on the straight and narrow, not to be forgotten in this mix is your power steering, which allows you to easily turn the car without fighting your steering wheel.

Common Power Steering Problems

The heat generated by everyday driving can break down your power steering fluid. Without power steering, the wheels of the car become difficult and slow to turn – and if this happens while in motion, an accident could soon follow. You should immediately bring your vehicle to your local auto service shop if you detect any of these symptoms:

  • Difficulty steering – Fighting your steering wheel takes all the fun out of driving, but more importantly, it's clear evidence your power steering system needs immediate attention.

  • Whining when turning – A whine (some describe it as a groan) when you make a turn might mean you don't have enough power steering fluid.

  • Leaking fluid – Fluid leaking under the hood can point to many different problems, including engine coolant, but power steering fluid often appears red or pinkish.

What's Included In A Power Steering Service?

  • Flush old power steering fluid from the system

  • Bleed the system, checking for leaks and abnormalities

  • Refill with premium power steering fluid

You can call our expert teams at any Brakes Plus location if you have concerns with your power steering, or you can easily and quickly schedule an appointment and we'll plan to see you at your most convenient time!