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Pre-Purchase Inspection


Before you get too excited about that new vehicle, you may want to consider a pre-purchase inspection (also referred to as a PPI). Our team of experts at Brakes Plus can offer insight into the health of the vehicle before you decide to put pen to paper.

What Is A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Simply put, a pre-purchase inspection is a detailed assessment of the condition of a vehicle – from its mechanical health, to its safety, down to its cosmetic appearance – before you purchase the vehicle. Our technicians will perform the PPI to ensure there are no existing conditions and to reveal any maintenance defects that may lead to problems in the future.

When Should You Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

We highly recommend a PPI when you're purchasing a vehicle without a warranty, or when the vehicle is located in another city – just to make sure you’re not buying what we in the industry refer to as a 'lemon'.

When the car has no warranty, all risk in the event of a breakdown or major mechanical issue falls directly on the buyer's shoulders. We believe it’s best to get a PPI before you invest all the time, money, energy, and emotion in a potential disaster.

If the vehicle you're purchasing is in another city, this can present a challenge if you're unable to take it on a test drive. With a simple phone call to the Brakes Plus in that city, you can arrange a PPI on the vehicle. The resulting inspection report will give you added security when completing that long-distance transaction.

A pre-purchase inspection is easy and, better yet, it will provide peace of mind – potentially even saving you money in the end!

What Problems Can A Pre-Purchase Inspection Detect?

  • Wear and tear – We'll assess the condition of components like brake pads that wear down over time.

  • Hidden problems – Our exhaustive check can reveal engine or body issues that are not readily visible.

  • Improper repairs – This could mean faulty engine or body work, or poor installation of aftermarket parts.

  • Frame damage – Evidence of damage to the frame hints that the car has been in a serious accident.

  • Error codes – We'll decipher codes from the vehicle's computer to find mechanical or electrical problems.

  • Other damage – We can uncover signs that the vehicle has suffered damage from events like a fire or flood.

For a pre-purchase inspection done right, schedule your appointment with Brakes Plus and rest easy knowing experts are helping in this important decision!