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Fuel Filter Replacement


Your car's fuel filter holds the crucial role of keeping contaminants out of your fuel system. Parts like the fuel pump and injectors suffer damage when they come into contact with impurities in unfiltered fuel.

A fresh fuel filter improves performance, allowing clean fuel to propel your engine and make it purr like a kitten – or a lion, or whatever your engine is supposed to purr like. You get the idea.

When Should You Replace Your Fuel Filter?

Fuel filters need to be maintained at routine intervals, and at Brakes Plus, that’s part of our regular service. Some filters need to be replaced, while others can be cleaned and reused over and over again. Our expert technicians can guide you to the right choice!

You can find recommendations on how often to change or clean your fuel filter in your owner's manual. Older vehicle models may require replacement every 30,000 miles, while newer models can safely go longer intervals between changes.

Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter can easily be mistaken for more complicated problems with the engine. If you come in with any of the symptoms below, our technician will ensure no expensive repairs are unnecessarily performed on your engine if it's just the fuel filter to blame.

  • Sputtering or weak engine – A dirty fuel filter can prevent enough fuel from getting to the injectors, limiting your RPMs and speed on the road.

  • Check engine light – Many problems can cause your check engine light to illuminate. We can run a diagnostic test to determine whether the culprit is a clogged fuel filter or something else.

  • Stalling when accelerating – It might be time to check your fuel filter if your engine loses power when you accelerate or go up an incline.

  • Difficulty starting – A worn fuel filter can make it difficult for your engine to get the fuel pressure it needs to start up.

Benefits Of Replacing Your Fuel Filter

  • Improved engine power – The fuel filter ensures the ideal quantity of fuel is delivered to your engine, meaning more get-up-and-go.

  • Longer engine life – Impurities in the fuel are removed by a clean fuel filter rather than entering and damaging your engine.

  • Better fuel efficiency – Removing contaminants and getting the right amount of fuel to your engine means you won’t have to make trips to the pump as often as you used to.

  • Reduced emissions – A clogged fuel filter causes the engine to burn fuel at a less effective rate, resulting in harmful emissions into the environment.

Our expert technicians at your local Brakes Plus can help with all of your fuel filter needs. Come by, give us a call, or schedule an appointment – whatever's most convenient for you!