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Oil Change Service


Experts (and that’s what we are... just ask us) say you should get an oil change, and change your oil filter, every five months or 5,000 miles. However, most car owners exceed the maximum mileage between oil changes – don’t be like most car owners!

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for – so, when it's time for your vehicle's next oil change, you'll want to make sure you're using the best quality oil and lube products. And that’s what you’ll get at Brakes Plus, where our fast and affordable oil change services use only the best oil and filters available.

An Oil Change Package Right For Everyone

It’s no secret regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running efficiently, but with so many oil change options today, choosing the right one can be overwhelming! So, we made it easy with our three distinct offerings to create an oil change package that's just right for your vehicle – and just right for you.

  • RED: Includes Conventional Oil Change or Synthetic Oil Change, a complimentary 20-point safety inspection, and we'll top off of your washer fluid (bye, bugs!)

  • WHITE: Includes RED package, PLUS we'll rotate your tires, check your exterior lights to ensure they're shining bright (like your future!), and review any factory-scheduled maintenance

  • BLUE: Includes RED and WHITE packages, PLUS a complete battery check and fuel tank additive to make sure your vehicle runs like new

In addition to the services included with each oil change package, all of our oil changes include draining and refilling engine oil, replacing the oil filter, checking air filters as well as belts and hoses, making sure your tire pressure is optimal, and performing a visual inspection of your vehicle. Upon request, our team will also perform a free brake inspection and steering and suspension inspection.

To make sure you select the best oil change package for your vehicle, stop by your nearest location and talk through the options with our expert technicians.

Conventional Oil Change

Valvoline™ Daily Protection: Specially formulated and developed with high quality additives and base oils to reduce wear and provide increased protection against oil breakdown (recommended for vehicles fewer than 75,000 miles)

  • Contains added detergents to resist deposits and sludge at all temperatures and keep engine clean

  • Offered in multi-viscosity grades (for all climates) and mono-grade oils (for warmer climates), though all Valvoline oils are formulated for year-round protection

Synthetic Oil Change

Valvoline™ Advanced Full Synthetic: Designed to keep the hardest-working vehicles protected to maximize engine life, fighting engine stress from extreme weather, towing, and stop and go driving (recommended for most vehicles up to 10 years old)

  • With extra detergents added to help fight sludge, provides 25% better protection against deposits

  • Enhances oil flow and quicker circulation through engine, improving cold start protections

Valvoline™ Full Synthetic High Mileage with MaxLife™ Technology: Formulated with proprietary technology to increase wear protection and allow engines to run cleaner, longer, featuring conditioners to treat and prevent leaks from aging engine seals (recommended for vehicles over 75,000 miles)

  • Provides enhanced additives that protect against wear 50% better than industry standards

  • Includes superior antioxidants for resistance against breakdown at high temperatures or extreme conditions

Diesel Oil Change

Valvoline™ Premium Blue™: Uniquely designed for heavy-duty application with diesel engines, providing advanced lubricant performance (recommended for heavy-duty diesel trucks, buses, and older engines)

  • Exceptionally controls soot-related thickening of oil and protects against deposit formation

  • Extends engine life and oil viscosity with alkaline additives that safely neutralize harmful acids over time

Shell ROTELLA®: Built on the Triple Protection® legacy and formulated to enhance deposit protection and shear stability in providing a cleaner engine and optimal oil pressure (recommended for diesel fleets, haul, construction, agriculture, pickup trucks)

  • Delivers increased resistance to breakdown under high temperatures with improved oxidation

  • Resists viscosity loss with additive technology that battles effects from contaminants, such as soot and dirt

Brakes Plus Has Your Oil Change Services Covered

For top-quality, affordable oil changes, visit your nearest Brakes Plus, where our team will work to ensure your engine continues to run smoothly. Also, be sure to check out our latest offers to save on your next oil change!