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Fuel System Cleaning Service


With a fuel system cleaning at Brakes Plus, we'll work to get your car running “just like new”. Better yet, having your fuel system cleaned will lead to better fuel efficiency – and who doesn't love saving at the pump?

What’s A Fuel System Cleaning?

A fuel system cleaning clears out blockages, like carbon deposits, that build up inside your fuel system. Grime inside parts like the throttle body and fuel injectors cause your car to use fuel less efficiently. In other words – more trips to the pump, among other issues that drain your time and wallet.

Your fuel injectors are roughly half the size of a pinhole (tiny!), and it only takes an 8-10% blockage for your engine to begin misfiring. So, those little parts are a big deal! If you are experiencing any of the warning signs below, turn to the experts at any of our Brakes Plus locations, where we'll get your dirty fuel injectors cleaned and operating efficiently.

Symptoms of a Dirty Fuel System

  • Shaking or stuttering while idling

  • Trouble starting your car

  • Hesitation or lack of momentum when accelerating

  • Loss of engine power when going uphill

  • Failed emissions test

What’s Included in a Fuel System Cleaning?

  • Visual inspection of entire fuel and air intake systems

  • Full cleanse of intake system with premium intake cleaners

  • Introduction of a fuel cleaner additive to help maintain improved performance

Benefits of a Clean Fuel System

  • Improved fuel efficiency

  • Decreased exhaust emissions

  • Better engine performance

When Do You Need A Fuel System Cleaning?

We recommend coming in for a fuel system cleaning every 24 months or 30,000 miles. If you're experiencing any symptoms of a dirty fuel system, you're not sure when you last had this service performed, or you've never had it performed (no judgement here), we'll get you taken care of at Brakes Plus.

This service is available at any of our locations – and we have coupons to help you save on your fuel system cleaning as well!