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Steering & Suspension Service


Your car's suspension system keeps you riding smoothly over bumps, dips, and turns, as well as ensuring you maintain control of the vehicle through all of these obstacles. We can fix steering and suspension system issues that involve shock and strut repair, as well as front and rear suspension services. The experts at your Brakes Plus will get you back on track!

What’s Included In Our Steering & Suspension Service?

When you bring your vehicle to Brakes Plus for steering and suspension issues, our technicians will perform a free alignment check which allows them to inspect all parts related to your steering and suspension. If any hardware is found to be damaged or worn out, we'll provide you with an estimate before performing any work.

If you have any major components of your suspension replaced, or if you notice irregular wear patterns on your tires, it's important to have your car aligned at the same time. This relatively inexpensive procedure could end up saving you a great deal in terms of longer tire life, better fuel economy, and safer handling.

Symptoms Of Steering Issues:

  • Abnormal noise – If you hear noise when turning the wheel or going over bumps, this can indicate an problem with your steering system.

  • Poor steering control – When your vehicle becomes difficult to steer, the steering wheel shakes, or the wheel is off-center, these are glaring signs your steering system should be checked.

Symptoms Of Suspension Issues:

  • Excessive bouncing – If your vehicle bounces more than usual after driving over potholes, or speed bumps, you need to have your suspension checked out.

  • Loss of control during sudden stops – Vehicles with poor suspension will sometimes skid, swerve, or veer out of control when braking suddenly.

  • Uneven tire wear – If your tires are wearing unevenly despite regular tire rotations, this could be a sign your suspension is failing to hold your car evenly.

What Are The Benefits Of Proper Vehicle Suspension?

  • Improved overall vehicle performance

  • Consistent handling and braking

  • Increased ability for tires to stay in contact with the road

  • Decreased rate of tire wear

If you're noticing signs of steering or suspension problems, schedule your appointment online and we'll take a look. Make sure to take a look at our savings on steering and suspension service too!