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Wheel & Tire Alignment Service


If your car is pulling left or right, that’s it's not-so-subtle way of saying, “take me to the nearest auto shop!” If you experience any of the symptoms below, it’s time to get your vehicle back on track with an alignment service. At Brakes Plus, our teams will provide you insight on any alignment issues, and give you transparent prices to get you safely back on the road!

What’s A Wheel Alignment?

An alignment is not an adjustment to your tires and wheels themselves, but rather an adjustment to your suspension – the system connecting your vehicle to its wheels. The alignment service consists of adjusting tire angles to those recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

When your wheels are not properly aligned, all sorts of things can go wrong: poor engine performance, accelerated tire wear, decreased gas mileage, stressed braking, and a lot more... like, a bumpy ride for you and others in your car! Nobody wants their significant other or grandma to be bouncing around back there. Plus, pulling on your steering wheel to keep your car straight all the time can be really tiring – am I right?

Here's some good news, you can get an alignment check for FREE at any of our Brakes Plus locations! Our state-of-the-art equipment (it really is pretty fancy) will help save you time and money.

What's Included In Our Free Alignment Check?

  • Test drive – Our technician will look out for the symptoms of poor wheel alignment as they personally drive your vehicle.

  • Tire pressure check – We'll make sure under- or over-inflated tires aren't causing, or exacerbating, issues.

  • Alignment measurement – With specialized equipment, we'll analyze the exact alignment of each wheel.

  • Computerized printout – We'll provide you a printed detail on your wheel alignment, and we'll discuss options and recommendations.

Signs & Symptoms of Bad Wheel Alignment

  • Tires wearing unevenly or quickly

  • Vehicle pulling to one side

  • Steering wheel turned to the side when the front wheels are pointed straight

  • Vibration in the steering wheel

How Often Should You Check Your Wheel Alignment?

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend having your alignment inspected at the same time you have your oil changed. However, alignment issues often result from a specific incident, like hitting a pothole hard or driving over a curb.

If you think you may need an alignment, or just want us to check your alignment (for free)... don't wait! Start by making an appointment or stopping by your local Brakes Plus and we'll take care of the rest.