auto technician installing new air filter

Air Filter Replacement


While cars can seem to get dirty fast, they try really hard to keep themselves clean – which is why your car has two different types of air filters. Engine air filters and cabin air filters both work to purify the air in your vehicle.

Cabin Air Filter vs. Engine Air Filter

The cabin air filter’s job is to make sure the air you're breathing in the cockpit is clean. It prevents pollutants such as dust, smog, pollen, mold spores, leaves, rodent droppings, and other unwanted debris from being blown into your face. If you have a dirty cabin air filter, getting it replaced is literally a breath of fresh air!

The engine air filter has the important job of preventing dust, dirt, and other debris from getting into your engine, while also ensuring your engine is getting the correct mixture of air and fuel. When you press your gas pedal, you're controlling how much air and fuel are allowed into your vehicle’s engine. Kind of like controlling your vehicle’s breathing pattern of inhale and exhale. If your engine air filter becomes restricted, the limited airflow leads to poor engine performance, weak acceleration, increased fuel consumption, and even oil leaks. And you don’t have to be a doctor to know that’s not good.

How Often Should You Replace Your Car's Air Filters?

Over time, your air filters become dirty and will need to be replaced. Maintenance schedules can vary for how often your air filters should be changed, and are largely dependent upon vehicle make and model, driving conditions, and different factory suggestions. An air filter’s replacement timeline typically ranges between 15,000-40,000 miles.

Has it been a while since you've had your air filters looked at? It never hurts to get an expert to check next time you’re in the auto shop!

Where Do You Get Your Car's Air Filter Replaced?

Any of our Brakes Plus locations can take care of your vehicle's air filters, where our knowledgeable technicians will assess whether or not your filters are dirty or clogged, and they're able to change filters in cars of all shapes and sizes!

If your engine air filter needs to be replaced, we'll take care of it so you know your car’s engine has the proper mixture of fuel and clean air. Or if you need a cabin air filter replacement, it's all good. We can do that, too.

We aim to make our services as affordable as possible for our customers. So, be sure to frequently check our coupons to save on air filter replacements and other auto services!