Shocks & Struts Repair

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Brakes Plus: Shocks & StrutsWeak shocks & struts may cause an uncomfortable ride and poor handling in addition to changes in vehicle ride height.  This may lead to increased wear on other suspension components – including tires, ball joints and springs. Braking distance and ability are also affected my worn shocks & struts.

Shocks & struts do wear out and should be checked every 12,000 miles, and replaced every 50,000 miles. Brakes Plus® offers one of the worlds most trusted brands of quality shocks and struts (Monroe) at an affordable price.

Steering and Suspension Services


  • Replace worn/damaged shocks and struts
  • Inspect mounting bushings/plates/hardware
  • Replace those pieces if needed at additional charge


  • Excessive vehicle bounce
  • Poor tire-to-road contact
  • Reduced suspension control
  • Premature tire wear and increased wear on other suspension components
  • Reduced handling and braking performance
  • Noise and suspension vibration


  • Improved ride
  • Improved stopping ability
  • Improved tire and suspension wear

What’s the difference between shocks and struts?

The main difference is that the Strut is a structural part of the suspension system, and the Shock is not.  The Strut is a pivot point for the steering system and contains a coil spring. Because of this an alignment is always needed when replacing a strut. This is also the reason that service, repairs and replacements on Struts are usually more expensive than Shocks.

The main function of Shocks & Struts is to lessen the movement of the spring and stopping oscillation and bounce. Even though Shocks and Struts each provide essentially the same function, they are not interchangeable. A Shock can not be used to replace a Strut, and vice versa.

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