Pre-Purchase Inspection

What is a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection (PPI) is a detailed assessment to determine the cosmetic, mechanical, and safety condition of a vehicle before completing the purchase. PPIs are done by a certified technician with the intent to uncover existing conditions or to reveal maintenance shortcomings that may become potential safety or financial issues for the buyer in the future.

When should I get a PPI?

A pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended when purchasing a vehicle without a warranty, or when the vehicle is located in another city. When there is no warranty, the buyer is immediately assuming all the risk in the event of a breakdown or major mechanical issue. For this reason, a qualified PPI makes financial sense.

Vehicles in other cities present additional challenges when the purchaser is unable to take a test drive. With a simple phone call, you can arrange a PPI with the local Brakes Plus. The resulting PPI report will give you added security during a long-distance transaction.

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