Oil Change & Filter Services

Preventative maintenance keeps your vehicle running efficiently. You should get an oil change, and change your oil filter, every five months or 5,000 miles. This keeps your engine running smoothly and helps prevent engine damage.

Getting the right service for your car means using the best oil and lube products for your vehicle. Check with your local Brakes Plus for the proper oil your vehicle requires.

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Oil Change Packages

Which oil change package is right for your vehicle?

• RED: Conventional or Full Synthetic with Maxlife Technology Oil Change*, 20 Point Courtesy Inspection, Top Off Washer Fluid

• WHITE: All Included in RED, PLUS Tire Rotation, Check Exterior Lights, Review Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance

• BLUE: All Included in RED & WHITE, PLUS Check Battery, Fuel Tank Additive

*Up to 6 quarts. ADD a FREE Brake Inspection Upon Request.


Conventional Oil Change & Filter – $29.99

  • Protects against all types of deposits at all temperatures to keep engines clean
  • Contains durable anti-wear additives that stay in the oil longer to improve protection
  • Resists oil thickening by providing enhanced oxidation control
  • Provide thorough anti-wear protection exceeding current U.S., Japanese and European wear tests for gasoline engines where each grade is specified

Full Synthetic with Maxlife Technology Oil Change & Filter – $59.99

  • Maximum protection for engine performance
  • Better protection against sludge & varnish deposit to keep your engine running cleaner, longer
  • Better cold start protections by flowing more quickly & circulating faster through the engine
  • Greater resistance to oil breakdown at high temperatures for strong wear protection
  • Fully compatible with all conventional & leading synthetic motor oils

Diesel – Valvoline or Rotella – Vehicle specific pricing

  • Excellent oxidation resistance and TBN retention supports long oil life
  • Strong shear stability provides stay-in-grade performance
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Superior deposit protection compared to industry requirements

Our affordable oil change & filter services are performed by qualified auto repair professionals that understand the importance of precise, quality auto maintenance. We only use products that meet and or exceed API specifications.

Valvoline Motor Oil


A product Valvoline invented over 150 years ago, and one they have been reinventing ever since. The Valvoline family of motor oil has a formula perfect for your vehicle’s needs. Search through our wide range of options to find the best motor oil for your vehicle.


VALVOLINE™ DAILY PROTECTION CONVENTIONAL MOTOR OIL Valvoline Daily Protection Motor Oil is specially formulated for the full life of the engine and comes in both multi-viscosity and mono-grade formulations. Multi-viscosity grades provide protection in all climates while mono-grade oils are formulated for warmer conditions. All Valvoline oils are formulated with advanced additives for year-round engine protection.

Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology

VALVOLINE™ ADVANCED FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL (FORMERLY SYNPOWER™) Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil delivers superior engine protection by fighting the three major causes of engine stress: heat, deposits and wear.  That’s because it is the only leading full synthetic formulated with more durable anti-wear additives that stay in the oil longer.  When you want to keep your engine running its best, choose the ultimate protection found in Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil.

Diesel / Rotella


Valvoline™ Premium Blue™ is “The Only One”™ exclusively endorsed and recommended by Cummins. It’s designed to provide performance and protection in modern, emissions treatment equipped diesel engines, including those with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), and other modern diesel engine technology. Valvoline Premium Blue 8600 ES has a unique 10,000 mile drain extension in Cummins X15 engines enabling up to 60,000 miles when average fuel efficiency is 6.5 mpg or higher.


Our Oil Change Service Includes:

In addition to draining and refilling your engine oil, and replacing the filter, we also offer the following services at no charge!

  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Belts & Hoses
  • Check Battery
  • Set Tire Pressure
  • Fill Windshield Solvent
  • Visual Inspection
  • Plus … FREE at your request: Brake Inspection, Check Steering/Suspension, Check Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance
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