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Going Further for Comfort – Prepping for House Guests

Going Further for Comfort – Prepping for House Guests

Going Further for Comfort – Prepping for House Guests

Easy ideas for prepping your place ahead of time, so visitors feel at home. With the addition of a few thoughtful details, your spare bedroom will be as inviting to visitors as a fine hotel room.

For many families during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it’ll be less about Preparing your vehicle for Winter and more about helping out-of-town visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

For some that means finding yourself vacuuming and dusting frantically at the last minute. For others, it’s about providing that little extra comfort to guest rooms and making sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Start with plenty of time to tackle all of your wish list projects, from little touches to those with big impacts. In your living areas, be sure to declutter! It’s the first step to prepping for any house guest. Keep books and magazines handy for guests to read, but move errant shoes and mail out of common spaces and put them away. Toss those old magazines and make room for the new. Now is the time to get everyone on board with a cleaning schedule so you aren’t stuck with a frantic mad dash to clean the house when company is on the way.

In the bathrooms, remove your personal items if possible. If you have one bathroom for everyone in the house, here’s another opportunity to declutter. Throw away empty toiletries and old toothbrushes. Now is a great time to replace them with new toothbrushes. Did you know you’re supposed to replace toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed? Set out some extra toothbrushes if you think your guests will make use of them.

Keep a plunger and extra toilet paper handy in each bathroom to avoid potential embarrassment. Have extra towels and washcloths easily accessible. Be sure to mention where everything is stored when you’re greeting your guests and showing them around your home.

In the kitchen, stock staples like coffee, tea, creamer and sugar. Keep drinks and snacks in easily accessible areas and let guests know they’re welcome to help themselves. If you know your guest’s preferences, stock up on those items if you’re able to. Ask guests if they have any special dietary needs and plan ahead to accommodate them. Plan your menu ahead of time, and think about buffet options for breakfast and lunch. Often, it’s easier to set everything out and have “help yourself” items available for meals or snacking.

Stock your pantry with easy, quick to prep snacks and treats. Think cheese and cracker boards and veggie platters. They’re easy to put together and everyone loves them. They’re great for grazing and easy to refill as needed while you’re putting the finishing touches on the main meal.

If you’re expecting guests for several days, provide your guests with your meal plan ahead of time. This will help to set expectations and shine a light on any unforeseen needs from your guests. Something as simple as an email or phone call a week or two before they’re set to arrive could solve a lot of problems.

“Didn’t we mention Cousin Bill is allergic to nuts?” You’ll have time to change things up before you’ve purchased all of the ingredients for meals. If you’re planning a big holiday get-together with several people or groups, make a plan for who cooks what and when, and let everyone sign up. Setting expectations set in advance is always helpful, and it lets everyone plan accordingly.

Did we miss anything? What’s your list for getting ready for houseguests?

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