Connect & Collaborate – Brakes Plus and Lodge Casino

Brakes Plus

Our Pro Business Colorado feature brings us two new perspectives on business, from founding and operating a successful group of auto repair stores, to running casinos in a small mountain town. Each business has it’s own challenges as well as opportunities to shine.


Dean Piscoitta

Our guest host, Dave Tabor of the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, introduces us to Dean Pisciotta, President of Brakes Plus. Brakes Plus is a family owned, Colorado enterprise which has grown to 67 stores in six states. Our second guest is John East, of Lodge Casino in Blackhawk, Colorado. These two businessmen share insight from their perspective in business.

Be sure to listen to hear Dean Piscotta’s take on creating longevity among the managers of their many stores, and his company’s reliance on customer feedback to build improvement.


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