Brakes Plus Phoenix Ahwatukee Hills Customer Review 5-31-2019

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Brakes Plus Phoenix Ahwatukee Hills Customer Review, submitted via Google;

 I made an appointment online but somehow it defaulted to the wrong time. When I didn’t show they called me and I explained I was trying to make it for 11. They were super understanding and made sure I could get in at 11. I was very nervous because I’m from a small town and do not know anything about cars. My breaks had been squeaking and I was afraid that I would be ripped off because let’s face it, people do it. They did an inspection on my car and it turned out that my brakes were fine, just obnoxious because the last person didn’t do something they were suppose to. They could have lied to me and taken advantage but they didn’t. They didn’t charge my anything and we’re so honest and professional. I will absolutely be going back when I need work done. I will also tell everyone I know of the great service I had! 10/10

Rebecca D.

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