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Brakes Plus Highlands Ranch East Customer Review 3-31-2019

Brakes Plus Highlands Ranch East | Complete Auto Service
7040 E County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80126 | (303) 221-6700

Brakes Plus Highlands Ranch East Customer Review, submitted via Google;

As a consumer knowing how easily some mechanics and repair shops can and do take advantage of vulnerable and unsuspecting customers is why I felt to write this review knowing I’m not alone in this way of thinking. I recently had a oil leaking problem diagnosed by a Walmart “oil changer” with many years experience as a mechanic prior to his Walmart gig. He tells me he is certain the leak is from the rear main seal. I now start getting estimates for a rear main seal replacement which bids ranged from $945. to a Chevy dealer estimate of $1700. When I took it in to Brakes Plus Who had the $945. estimate. Michael and Chris the mechanic said before $945. rear seal job begins they want to look at the oil leak on the rack with the car up in the air for me also to check out the source of the leak and be sure it’s the rear main seal. It turns out Chris says he thinks from his experience it may not be the seal and he wants to steam clean the leaking area of the engine add some special dye to the oil and look for the leak with a light that detects the dye to find the source of the leak. They could have easily taken advantage of my situation. I was planning on a $945. repair. They did not have to double check the leak with me watching them in the first place but because of their expertise and honesty they did the right thing by me and ended up repairing the car for less than $250. Saving me a bunch of money. This is not the first time I’ve done business with Brakes Plus, I’ve had brakes and other repairs done and they have always done what they said they would do and at the price they quoted. Again, it is so good as a consumer to have confidence in a shop that you feel is honest and competent that does not take advantage of customers as in my case they so easily could have. I highly recommend the guys at the 7040 E County Line Rd shop.

Leonard B.

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