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Brakes Plus Denver/South Federal Customer Review 1-19-2019

Brakes Plus Denver/South Federal | Complete Auto Service
2319 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219 | (303) 934-2600

Brakes Plus Denver/South Federal Customer Review, submitted via Google:

This is my story and it is as true as I can remember it: I first went to this Brakes Plus to get the brake fuid flushed. It needed it bad. My old 1995 GMC Jimmy 4×4 is rusted underneath but runs great as long as I take care of it. In order to bleed the fluid, they had to lubricate and heat the nozzle because it had rusted so bad. This was not done until I gave them permission because of the possibility that it might break and be worse off. The second time I went in to this shop was for a free inspection. I was getting toward the end of the life of the breaks and would need them replaced within a month of normal driving. I went without getting them done then and would schedule in the near future. Well . . . the snow and ice hit the city overnight and BAMM! I hit the breaks too hard and the rear drums lock up. I should have had them done the day before. The third time I see the same gentlemen at the shop I almost needed a whole new set in the rear. The cost was not outrageous. But definitely a lot more than if I would have had them serviced before ruining them. I received a twenty percent discount as advertised in coupons. They even discounted the cost of adding the new fluid because I had it replaced there a week prior. This is a five star operation. Professionalism and knowledge goes a long way. This location understands the needs of the customers it serves in their neighborhood. Thanks to everyone at this location of Brakes Plus.

Juan G.

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