Brakes Plus Customer Review Tech Center Centennial 12-27-2013

Brakes Plus Tech Center Centennial | Oil Change & Automotive Repair Service
6770 S Yosemite St Centennial, CO 80112 | (303) 220-9111

Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Yelp.

I’ve had the brakes replaced on two of my cars here, and they always do a fantastic job. For my current car, when I took it in to have some grinding that had been going on for less than 48 hours looked at by the company that put on my tires they said my whole brake system needed replaced! I knew that was not true and that it was likely that the rotors could be machined and I could save some money, so I took it to Brakes Plus. They confirmed that could machine the rotors, saving me over $400!!

They are a great company and they do not try to dupe women into paying for more than they need, unlike the first place I took my car to.  I will continue to take my car there for years to come.

Kiki M.

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