Brakes Plus Customer Review Surprise 7-30-2016

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Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Brakes Plus Customer Service Online Form.

 Me and my wife were headed out on vacation and about 250 miles into it we overheated in Surprise, AZ. We pulled into a parking lot next to a Brakes plus, popped the hood and started adding some water. A mechanic (Shane) from Brakes plus came over and in 110 Degree weather we determined we lost the radiator and they would be happy to help us. We went in and met the manager Wayne Collins, he found a replacement and assured us we would be on the road in 3 hours. We went to lunch and came back to find our car done in less then two hours. Wayne pushed us ahead of all the other work and Shane completed the remove and replace of our radiator telling us he wanted us back on vacation as soon as possible. We were very pleased with the quick service and great customer service from this store that we just happened to break down in the parking lot!
Now your probably waiting for the thank yous and such, but we ain’t done yet! We got about 20 miles down the road and we started heating up again, so we turned the AC off, mind you its 110 out, and went another 10 miles to the next town. We got a hotel to cool off in and wait out the night to return to the shop in the morning while it was cooler out. I did note the water in the reserve was boiling. So back to Brakes plus in the morning, again the same great service and attention to get us back on the road. After numerous checks and tests on our Mazda Miata and even calling a Mazda expert Wayne returned to break the bad news that we blew a head gasket in the extreme heat. I thought to myself should I take a chance on a brake shop to do such a major job, I remembered seeing a engine block on the floor in the shop , and with the great service I had received already I decided to get the work done. After Wayne searched and found all the parts we needed, he took the time to find us a rent a car, which there were none, pulled some strings and brought us to get the car. He said it would be about a 5 day job and we left for home.
During this time at home Wayne called to inform me of the progress and after a couple delays with parts I headed back in 13 days to get my vehicle. When I got there I needed a ride to return my rental car, Wayne had Shane drive my Mazda to the car rental so I could drive it back with the mechanic and he could answer any of my questions. This worked out great because I wanted to know exactly what was done. Shane answered all of my questions and by the time we got back to the shop I was quite confident in all the work that was done, after all I had just spent over $3500.00 for a engine rebuild at a shop I just happened upon. I tipped Shane and thanked him again and told him to have lunch on me.
Overall Wayne Collins and his team made a bad situation into well, a workable solution. Wayne was an excellent help through all of this and made sure me and my wife were taken cared of and pleased with all that was going on. He went the extra mile, and we are very confident with the outcome. Our thanks to the whole team under Wayne Collins at Brakes plus in Surprise, AZ.

Ray Z.