Brakes Plus Customer Review Plano Ohio Dr 8-8-2014

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Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Google.

I had the worst curb check of my life yesterday (how stereotypical of me, I know!) and was in a panic that I had severely damaged my car that I just dropped a ton of money on to fix. I came in 10 minutes before they were about to close. Brakes Plus had 4 customers waiting to pick up their cars and they STILL checked out my car without hesitation! T hankfully, they quickly figured out the problem (I had messed up my muffler so THAT’S why my car was “growling” at me haha) and were kind enough to fix the dent in it promptly with a giant crowbar… FOR FREE! I nearly hugged the employee because I was so happy but refrained because I didn’t want him to think me strange. I was out of there by 6:10 and adamant about avoiding curbs for the rest of my life. ;)

Lucy T.

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