Brakes Plus Customer Review Omaha Oakview Mall 7-23-2015

Brakes Plus Omaha Oakview Mall | Oil Change & Automotive Repair Service
3422 S 143rd Plaza Omaha, NE 68144 | (402) 333-4433

Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Yelp.

Brakes Plus was awesome! They promptly got me in for my appointment for the estimate.  They did not try to sell or get me to have unnecessary work done. Told me I only needed inner and outer rear brake pads, which I knew I definitely would. Said the front was still at 80% so no reason to replace. Scheduled my appointment for a week later. My vehicle was done promptly and my charges were exactly what my estimate was for, including the discount I was promised. Employees were courteous and professional.  Will definitely go back to Brakes Plus in the future.

Marci N.

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