Brakes Plus Customer Review Omaha Saddle Creek Rd 12-19-2012

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Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Yelp.

Needed some brakes replaced on our van and this “place” just happened to be close to my kids school.  My wife took it into get fixed and replaced the front and rear brakes.  the staff was great.  But that is not why i give this place five stars.  A week after the brake replacement my wife noticed a noise coming from the tires.  She took the vehicle in and the techs looked at it and said nothing was wrong.  We drove the car the next weekend and i also noticed the noise.  I called and talked to the manager and he was very helpful and said to bring the car in and they would look at it.

At this point i was very upset that it was our third trip to a place that i had paid a fair amount of money to for new brakes and we were still having problems.

I was met by the assitant manager Jeremy and he was very helpful and introduced me to the manager Josh.  Both listened to my wifes and I’s story and said they would get it looked at.  While waiting Jeremy got my kids hot chocolate put Shrek on the waiting room tv and offered us candy canes from their christmas tree.

They soon found that the rotors were warped and offered to fix this free of charge since they hadnt seen it prior.  One rotor was able to be fixed and the other needed to be replaced.  I did pay for the one rotor but was very happy with the service.  Josh even took me into the shop showed me the rotor and explained the problem.  They then brought out the warped rotor to the waiting room to show my wife and I just what was wrong.

Ill admit this could have been caught earlier, but the friendly and compitent staff at brakes plus on saddle creek took care of the problem with great customer service and quality work.

I will be returning here for all my car maintanence needs.

Thanks to the staff.

Aaron M.

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