Brakes Plus Customer Review Omaha 168th 2-21-2014

Brakes Plus Omaha 168th Street | Oil Change & Automotive Repair Service
3837 N 168th St. Omaha, NE 68116 | (402) 408-2003

Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Google.

This store has become our new go to auto shop. I was impressed by this store starting with a simple phone call. They were the only store I called that agreed to even take a look at my car and diagnose a problem that other chains immediately referred me to the dealer for.


Of course my car wouldn’t “act up” for them in the manner it was doing for me, but they attempted several several times to test drive my car while hooked up to the sensors in an attempt to diagnose the issue. When they couldn’t get a problem reading, they communicated with me effectively, efficiently, and honestly.


We were impressed so much by this location that when we had a headlight flickering on our Prius, we immediately went back to Brakes Plus. We walked right in on a Monday morning, no appointment or anything and were treated spectacularly. After confirming our suspicions of a broken ballast or “computer light control,” they set to work on finding a part to fix the car. Turns out, they needed to order the part straight from the dealer because it was a dealer only part. They immediately got the part ordered and per the dealership the part was to be delivered later that day and they would have my car all fixed up. Well, the dealer did not come through on the delivery of the part and the part never came. Brakes Plus kept us informed of the whole process and in the end found a vehicle for me to borrow so that I could drive to Lincoln for work the next day. It was not their fault the dealer did not deliver and it was not their fault my car was not completed on time because they didn’t have a way to get the part.


However, they made it right by their customer and found a way for us to continue with our daily schedule without missing a beat. Their prices are competitive and fair, and we are convinced that we will be treated well with each visit. This is our new permanent go to auto shop for all oil changes and basic maintenance needs. Specifically, Jeremy and Roger were the main people of contact for us and they were amazing. We knew what was going on, we knew the costs up front, and we were treated fairly. I encourage you to give this store a try, and I believe you will be treated as well as we have!!

Jessica H.

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