Brakes Plus Customer Review Loveland 10-27-2015

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Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Brakes Plus Customer Online Form.

Good morning,

The purpose of this letter is to inform upper management of Brakes Plus of the exception of service at your Loveland Colorado location.  You have a gentleman by the name of Chuck who is the location manager, who has proven repeatedly to be and invaluable asset to Brakes Plus !! Before meeting Chuck and his team, I was sure that I was the only one in the customer service field who still believed in old school values of doing whatever is necessary to make sure the customer is happy and will return as well as recommending whatever services are provided to others without hesitation! Chuck and his team have proven me wrong, & I could not be more pleased at being proven wrong, in this arena anyway!

When I took my truck in to have my brakes service it was done quickly proficiently and with the smile. After driving the truck home I noticed that the rear drums were still squealing. I took the truck back the next day and informed the staff what was going on. They made the adjustments that they felt were necessary and thought that it should stop the squealing within a day or so. So I waited 3 days the squealing never stopped and I returned to the shop to inform Chuck of the situation. Chuck said that he would take care of all the issues by replacing all the components in the rear braking system. I told him that that was something that I could not afford.

It was at this point that Chuck and his crew stepped up and went above and beyond what is considered good / excellent customer service! Chuck told me that he was going to replace these components at his cost and that there would be no cost to me whatsoever! He then told me that the reason he was doing this was because he had told me that their 2 attempts should have and would eliminate the squealing or any other problems that I had in the rear brake components. He did so and to this date I have no problems with my braking system at all and will make sure that while my family and I live here in Northern Colorado, no matter the journey’s distance, we will come to Loveland to have our vehicles serviced and will do so as long as brakes plus is in existence!!

I hope that there is some recognition within the Brakes Plus organization that showcases this location as the example for all locations to follow!! There is not one member of that team that is not exceptional in what they do and I thank you for all of the future years of service to all of my family and friends and coworkers who I will recommend brakes plus to incessantly!!!!

Thank you,

Daniel & Candy C.
Longmont,  CO