Brakes Plus Customer Review Littleton Chatfield 10-29-2016

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Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Google.

I have been a long time, loyal customer with brakes plus for many years. I started using this location when Brian R. was manager. He did a stellar job on all my vehicles, and gave me great service and proved to be very trustworthy. I continued when Leyland became manager, and he also proved to be a trustworthy and competent partner in my vehicle servicing. Once Leyland left I was concerned that I could not find another honest place for servicing. But, I recently on 10/10/16 and 10/20/16 had another high dollar service at this Chatfield location with Kevin as general manager. I was given great service and honest quotes for the work I needed performed. I was treated very well and now I am confident that there is now another honest and competent team at this location. I also had contact with Kevin a couple years back, when he was a manager at the Firestone Service store in Littleton. He turned that store around after years of mismanagement. I was also treated very courteously by Kevin and his assistant Chris, with Chris explaining every detail of the service. Hat’s off to Brakes Plus top management for having the wisdom to put the right people in charge of this location and for promoting former manager Brian R. to regional manager for his proven work performance. I don’t give 5 stars out to protect the integrity of perfection, but my experiences at this location have been close to it. My phone number is on file and you can contact me for further info, if needed.

Steve C.

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