Brakes Plus Customer Review Gilbert 5-20-2015

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Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Brakes Plus Customer Service Online Form.

I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to let you know about the great customer service I have received at your location at 860 W Warner Rd Gilbert, AZ 85233. I have been a customer for many years, but it is my most recent visit that has sparked me to get this email over to your corporate office. I wanted to send a BIG Thank You and express my appreciation for the Store Manager, Chase (not sure his last name)and his staff.

We just recently took in a used car that we just purchased for our daughter. Unfortunately, about a week or so ago the Volkswagen overheated, so I took it into Brakes Plus, just like I have been taking my other two vehicles for as long as I can remember (Kia Sorento & Chrysler 300). After dropping it off to get the oil changed and to have the shop take a look at the overheating issue I received a call from Chase with a diagnosis of the issue. I was not happy to hear the thermostat, some hoses , and other radiator associated items were in need of repair. I mean who is happy to hear they have a $500 repair that is required for their vehicle. Anyway, I went over to the shop and Chase showed me exactly what was wrong and what was in need of repair. I am not a mechanic myself but it was obvious to me that those items he pointed out where in need of being repaired/replaced. The work was completed and just like he has done in the past when I have had repairs completed, Chase told me that they just wanted to run some test to make sure all was working well before I picked up the car. 

Chase and staff have been great throughout the entire process. I felt the need to send this email to your office because I believe Chase and staff have and continue to go above and beyond meeting my expectations as a customer. 

Armando H.