Brakes Plus Customer Review Gilbert 8-2-2014

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Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Google.

I went by the store today because my oil had been changed on Friday and hadn’t ridden in my car all weekend. When I got in this morning my GPS screen/radio, everything was blank asking for a code. Due to them being the last ones with the vehicle I thought I would swing by to see if they could help me. Ken was extremely helpful even though it was nothing they had done. They don’t mess with the screen at all; they just change the oil life part. He still continued to help me and figured out the code and told me where I could find it in the glove box on a sticker. Who would have thought? Any who, I give Ken a two thumbs up for saving my day. I can’t survive in my van without my GPS working!! They will get my business again :)

Jennifer H.

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