Brakes Plus Customer Review East Colorado Springs 12-25-2012

Brakes Plus East Colorado Springs | Oil Change & Automotive Repair Service
5715 Palmer Park Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80915 | (719) 638-6263

Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Yelp.

I’m usually pretty wary when it comes to mechanics and vehicle repair shops and such.  But i needed some work done that i couldn’t do so i decided to take my truck here based on the only review here. I took my 07 Tacoma in for the basic oil change and tire rotation and I needed them to do a brake inspection (I’ve never worked on drum brakes; my rears. Hence bringing it here)
This location has pretty good customer service.  The service advisors I worked with were nice, friendly and not pushy.  I feel they did try to up sell me on a few things but were honest with if they were necessary issues to be concerned about and were not pushy when I politely declined.  I think the cost of work was fair. I ended up getting my oil changed, tires rotated, brake fluid flushed, drum brakes adjusted  fluids topped off, and brakes inspected for life all for less than a $100.
I’m the kind of guy that likes working on cars, researches and learns to do the wrench jobs I don’t already know and enjoy cars in general.  But sometimes I like to take my vehicles to shops for the convenience of time or saving myself from busted knuckles, greasy nails for days, etc.
I’ll probably be taking my vehicles back to this Brakes Plus.  It’s hard to find good shops where you feel you aren’t taking advantage of.  This one seems to be one of the good ones.

Jon A.

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