Brakes Plus Customer Review Cheyenne 10-22-2015

Brakes Plus Cheyenne | Oil Change & Automotive Repair Service
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Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Google.

The team at Brakes Plus has gone above and beyond on my “problem child” vehicle. Although I have had to bring my car a few times addressing the same darn problem…the team worked hard to be sure that the problem was eventually fixed…and so far so good! I feel like I can really trust this business because they were so fair about what was my responsibility to pay for and what was under their original scope of work. I was not gouged but just the opposite…they looked for ways to be sure that my vehicle was fixed efficiently and the lowest cost possible. I really appreciate this honesty, hard work, and most of all their friendly and caring staff! Thanks Brakes Plus!

Laura H.

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