Brakes Plus Customer Review Cherry Creek Glendale 2-2-2014

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Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Google.

I am always skeptical whenever I take my car in for work to any auto shop, as they always seem to find a few extra items to repair beyond what you are expecting. However in this case they were spot on. I had already taken my car to the dealer for a full inspection so I had a very good idea of all the potential issues. All I wanted today was an oil change and an alignment as I noticed my front tire was wearing irregularly. They took care of those two items and also suggested replacing the CV boots and battery, two items which were already on my future to-do list. The price they quoted for these additional items was quite a bit less than what the dealer wanted so I took them up on that too. In summary, the price was right, suggested additional repairs were accurate, and the staff were very friendly. I am definitely going back again.

Frank B.

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