Brakes Plus Customer Review Centennial Smokey Hill 9-29-2015

Brakes Plus Centennial Smokey Hill | Oil Change & Automotive Repair Service
5594 S Gibraltar Way Centennial, CO 80015 | (303) 627-0800

Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Brakes Plus Customer Service Online Form.

I wish to put in a good word for Mr. Jeff Hooper of the Brakes Place on Gibraltar Way in Centennial, CO. Today I dropped my truck off to have the struts checked. Jeff then provided me with a ride home. He called later to ask if I had given him the correct key. I discovered that I hadn’t and had no way to get my key to him. Jeff drove to my home, picked up the correct key and then drove back to the shop to work on my truck. Wow! Now that’s customer service and one of the reasons I’ve been a loyal customer of that store for the last 12 years.

Thank you.

Erling B.