Brakes Plus Customer Review Buckeye Sundance 6-19-2014

Brakes Plus Buckeye Sundance | Oil Change & Automotive Repair Service
1116 S Watson Rd. Buckeye, AZ 85326 | (623) 386-7568

Brakes Plus customer review, submitted via Yelp.

They do more than just brakes, hence the “plus” in the name of the place. My mom had to bring her car in because she ran over an errant truck tire on I-17 bumping the underside of her SUV and she wanted to make sure that nothing got all screwed up because of the bang.

It turns out the power steering pump was damaged and was leaking. She had the pump replaced, and while they were at it she had them replace the struts and shocks, and she had something else done too, but I honestly don’t remember what.

Since she was having multiple services performed, an all day affair, the store manager played shuttle driver, gave my mother and I a ride to her house then picked us back up again to pick up the vehicle when it was ready later that afternoon. Tip is a pretty cool guy.

We got great customer service here. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I note that they were also honest. I was looking out for my mother, but I didn’t have to look too hard to see that they weren’t taking her for a ride (except for the shuttle home and back).

Jay S.

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