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Brakes Plus Arvada Customer Review 1-27-2019

Brakes Plus Arvada | Complete Auto Service
5465 Wadsworth ByPass, Arvada, CO 80002 | (303) 467-2500

Brakes Plus Arvada Customer Review, submitted via Google:

Todd, Roger and Nick are an awesome management team who as a team brought my 2011 Subaru with 160,000 miles back to life. First on the list, was to replace the brake pads and turn the rotors the brakes wore out on the trip to CO and from one trip to the mountains. 2 hrs later all the front shimmying was gone and easy braking. Then they went on Carfax and found that my struts were original and should be replaced every 50 K miles Mine were 110K miles overdue and this had been missed by Subaru in Pittsburgh and by NTB. Replacing the struts did not give my Subaru a smooth Cadillac ride (not to be in a Subaru) but did result in absolutely smooth flawless braking. My car handles like new. They also checked out the electrical system at no charge and it was found to be at about 90% with a 3-yr old battery. So this location, identifies and fixes what is needed but does NOT look for or fix car components that are fine. Thoroughness competence I am thrilled as a new resident of Colorado to have found a place where I know I can expect nothing but excellence.

Dick K.

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