Serpentine Belts, Timing Belts and Auto Hoses

If a serpentine belt, timing belt, or hose breaks, it can lead to a catastrophic failure in a very short period of time. Cracks or dry rots should be noted and replaced as soon as possible. While belts and hoses are relatively inexpensive, if not properly maintained, they can lead to costly repairs.

A visual inspection on a regular basis, Free at Brakes Plus, will help ensure that these items are in good condition. This can prevent costly repairs and towing while on the road.

Here at Brakes Plus® we can inspect and replace your serpentine belts and auto hoses at a competitive price, so you can prevent these potential problems from ever becoming an issue. An inspection of your worn automotive belts & hoses is included in every Oil Change and Mile Maintenance Package we offer.

An inspection of your worn automotive belts and hoses is included in every Oil Change.


What Is a Serpentine Belt and When Does It Need to be Replaced?

A well-maintained serpentine belt powers crucial automotive components. It is one long, winding belt that keeps your alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning (and in some vehicles, your water pump) running smoothly and effectively. It does this by transporting power to your vital automotive components. Some vehicles may have an additional belt to run select accessories, but the serpentine does the bulk of the work.

How Long Does a Serpentine Belt Last?

Your vehicle’s serpentine belt can now last between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Eventually, your serpentine belt will wear down from continuous exposure to heat and friction and will need to be replaced. In most cases, if the Serpentine Belt breaks, the vehicle will stop running.

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