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5 Unexpected Guest Room Essentials

5 Unexpected Guest Room Essentials

5 Unexpected Guest Room Essentials

Inexpensive Hosting Tips to help out-of-town visitors feel welcome and comfortable. You can create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests this holiday season without breaking the bank.

  1. Wifi Password – Everyone is on WiFi these days. Consider creating a guest password that’s easy for guests to remember. Upgrade to a TP-Link N450 wireless Wi-fi Router for smooth surfing!
  2. Charging Station – Travel requires a lot of battery power. If your outlets are hidden, plug a power strip or short extension cord so your guests have easy access to plug in their devices. We love this Kisreal USB Charging Station with 5 ports.
  3. Provide Household Instruction – How does the TV work? Does your home have an Echo or Echo Dot, Echo app, Amazon Alexa app, Nest Learning Thermostat or Google Home? Is there an alarm system that needs to be disabled? Give guests pointers to navigating your unique home.
  4. Postcards – Pick up some local postcards for your guest and leave them on the nightstand. Your visitors will be able to take some home as fun souvenirs, or send them out soon after arriving. Don’t forget the stamps!
  5. Empty Hangers – While most out-of-towners expect to be living out of a suitcase, guests will feel more at home if they can unpack the essentials. Help them get coats and clothing with delicate materials out of their luggage and hanging up as soon as possible. If there’s a closet in your guest room, be sure it isn’t stuffed with storage boxes. Clear a space for clothing to be hung and provide hangers. A garment rack is another alternative for nonconforming rooms.

Whether you’re cruising across town to pick up some guest room essentials, heading to work in your daily commute, shuttling the kids to and from school, or foregoing a plane ride in favor of making a long road trip across the state, make sure your vehicle is ready to get you to your destination safely this winter. Check out these 6 Tips for Holiday Road Trips and be prepared before hitting the road this holiday season.

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