5 Tips for Surviving a Family Road Trip

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1. Screen Time

Before you pack the car, make sure you’ve established the rules for family screen time while traveling. It’s healthy to limit screen time for kids (in general) but when planning for a family road trip, it might be best to let those limits go. DVD players and tablets with headphones will grant you 1-2 hour breaks from entertaining the kids. Older kids can play on their phones or bring tablets and smaller hand-held game systems. A long family road trip can go much more smoothly when kids are occupied by their various screens!

Make sure all technology/devices coming on the trip are fully charged, and that everyone has plenty of movies, audiobooks and games packed or downloaded to last for the whole trip. Be sure to pack all chargers for all devices as well!

For added entertainment, print off scavenger hunt and travel word games, like license plate, crosswords, and alphabet games to give everyone’s eyes a rest from the screens, and to get everyone looking out the windows instead of down!

2. Snacks

Nothing calms the hungry beasts in the backseat like thoughtfully packed road trip snacks! Cookies, crackers, chips and trail mix can be stored in individual cups, reusable plastic containers, or baggies.

Veggies, fruits and hard cheeses can be pre-cut into easily handled slices and sticks. Thicker dips like hummus make great additions in small containers. Cheese sticks and pepperoni sticks are great hand-held snacks. Go easy on the liquids during your drive, or you’ll be sopping up messes AND making more pit stops that you’ve planned for!

Depending on the age of your kids, anything that requires a spoon or fork to eat should probably wait until you reach your destination, or plan for a fun, family picnic lunch break when you stop to stretch your legs!

3. Taking Breaks

If you’re traveling a well-known family road trip route, you probably have your favorite rest stops already picked out. Gas stations with reliably clean restrooms make a great place to restock on snacks, take a potty break and run off some excess energy with the little ones. Cafes and Burger Joints are a great way to support small local businesses on your travels. Official rest stations often have nice grassy areas and shady trees to stretch your legs under. And many times you’re able to commandeer a picnic table for a packed lunch, and save yourself some time and money on a quick meal.

4. Pre-Trip Vehicle Maintenance

Nothing derails a great family road trip like breaking down on the side of the road. Especially when it could have been easily prevented with a quick trip to your local automotive repair shop. At Brakes Plus, we offer preventative maintenance and oil change packages that will keep your vehicle running efficiently, no matter where you plan to travel.Ask for our Blue Oil Change Package to get all of the features listed below:

• Conventional or Full Synthetic with Maxlife Technology Oil Change
• 20 Point Courtesy Inspection
• Top Off Washer Fluid.
• Tire Rotation
• Check Exterior Lights
• Review Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance.
• Check Battery
• Fuel Tank Additive

5. Driving Schedule

Plan your route ahead of time and set a realistic driving schedule that includes rest stops, meals, scenic side stops and activities that you and your family will enjoy. Ultimately, you’ll know what’s best for planning your family road trip. Use any maps, apps and friendly recommendations available to you so you can take advantage of mapping out the very best family road trip that you and your family will be talking about for years to come.

Be sure you let another family member or friend know what route you plan to take. Give them the approximate time you plan to arrive, and let them know you’ll check in if you run into any setbacks or route changes. You’ll want someone to know where you’re traveling in case of any unforeseen weather or detours.

If you experience any car trouble, rerouting due to traffic, or weather that sends you on a detour, be sure to let your contact know you’re updated arrival time. Not only will this help keep you on schedule, it will also assure that someone knows where to look for you if you end up our f cell phone range!

We hope that these Family Road trip travel tips will help you plan your next vacation. What are your best road trip tips?