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11 Items Every Guest Room Needs

11 Items Every Guest Room Needs

11 Items Every Guest Room Needs

Having guests stay over at your house can be intimidating, even though having house guests can be so much fun! Get back to basics with this list of everyday items that will mean the world to your out-of-town guests.

  1. Clean Linens – Whether you have a guest room bed or an air mattress for company, freshen up the linens. If you are using a blow-up mattress, make sure it’s in good condition. Inflate it early to ensure there are no holes and it’s holding air pressure. Leave the pump in easy reach for the duration of the visit, just in case.
  2. Extra Blankets & Pillows – Don’t force guests to wake you in the middle of the night because they’re freezing. Guests may also be used to sleeping with two pillows. Make sure there are at least 2 pillows per guest. If possible, provide one soft and one firm so your visitors can choose the one that best works for them.
  3. Hamper – Find a small hamper for guests to keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones. Or place a spare laundry basket in the corner. If it’s an extended stay, make sure they know where the washer and dryer are located.
  4. Trash Can – Keep your guest room tidy by providing visitors with a place to dispose of their trash.
  5. Bedside Table & Lamp – Let there be light! And a place to set things down.
  6. Reading Material – Give your guests something to read. Books and magazines are great, especially if you know their interests. Also consider local maps, brochures or tourist attractions if your guests would like to get out and about on their own. If you’re providing guests with a spare vehicle, or you will be shuttling everyone to and from outings, make sure you stop by Brakes Plus for an Oil Change and Free Brake Inspection, so everything is running smoothly when company arrives.
  7. Water & Snacks – Water bottles and easy to share snacks are always a good idea. Guests might get hungry after dinner but feel it impolite to ask for a snack. This especially applies to visitors who are traveling across time zones, which is common when families congregate for holidays and big events. Travel leads to dehydration. Consider leaving a small bottle of headache medicine and antacids on the night stand, if appropriate.
  8. Tissues – Convenience is key! Keep an extra box of tissue handy.
  9. Alarm Clock – Most cell phones offer an alarm setting, but just in case, it’s always nice to provide one so guests can be in control of their schedule.
  10. Pen & Paper – Make it easy for guests to take notes about when and where the day will take them, or jotting down some quick memories of the day.
  11. Fresh Towels – Set out clean towels in the guest room, or show your guest where the linen closet is so they can gather what they need.

Is your house ready for out-of-town guests? Are you traveling to stay with friends and family this holiday season? What do you bring with you or expect to find when you’re a house guest? If you’re traveling, make sure you Prepare your vehicle for the turning of the seasons with Brakes Plus Coupons and cross ‘vehicle troubles’ off your list this year!

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