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At Brakes Plus®, we take care of your car, and you! Your safety and time are always our priority. For your convenience, you can call or make an appointment online. Whether it's routine maintenance  or unexpected auto repair, we give free estimates before any work is done.

Brakes Plus® does more than brakes. We can be your one stop shop for all of your auto repair service needs.

Why pay Dealer Prices for auto repair services? We have the industries best equipment at 30-50% less than dealership pricing. At Brakes Plus® you can get your car in and out of our auto repair shop in the same day and save yourself some money in the process. We understand the value of an affordable automotive shop that's both reliable and convenient. That's why Brakes Plus repair shops provide quick car repair service, at a very competitive price. For your convenience we offer FREE wireless internet at all of our auto repair shop locations, so if you wish to work on site you can.

Brakes Plus® also offers a convenient FREE shuttle to work or home. For a complete list of all car care services, click here.

There’s no reason why you should ever wait to get your brakes checked and maintained. Now at Brakes Plus® we have the brake specials you need to afford your brake maintenance costs every day! Our Brakes Plus® service team can get you in and out in no time at all, and at an affordable cost.

60_-_cropped.jpgOIL CHANGE & FILTER - $21.99

(Regular Price $29.99)

Up to 6 quarts Synthetic Blend. High Mileage, Dexos, Full Synthetic and Diesel/Rotella extra.

As you know, preventative maintenance keeps your vehicle running efficiently. You should change your oil and oil filter every five months or 5,000 miles, which helps prevent engine damage and keeps your engine running smoothly.

Getting the right oil change service for your car means using the products at an automotive repair shop that understands what’s best for your vehicle. Brakes Plus® brings you an array of oil products. Please check with Brakes Plus® for the proper oil your vehicle requires.

In addition to draining and refilling your engine oil and replacing the oil filter we also offer these extra services at no additional charge.


• Oil and filter replacement
• Check engine drive belts
• Hoses and fluids topped off if needed
• Check air filter
• Check and set tire air pressure
• Check wiper blades
• Grease chassis "zerks," if applicable
• Check cv boots/axles, shocks and struts




  • $49.50 Premium Brake Package. Reg. $99
  • $74.50 Ultra Premium Brake Package with Akebono brake pads. Reg. $149

All Brake Specials Include:

  • Front or Rear Brake Pads or Shoes.
  • Resurfacing of Drums or Rotors.
  • Installation included.

If you notice anything that seems “not right,” it’s a good idea to have your brakes checked. Brakes Plus® will always provide you with a FREE brake inspection before any work is performed. If our brake service inspection reveals that your brakes do need to be replaced or repaired, we will explain exactly what's required and what’s optional.

Use this coupon to get the very best service at an affordable rate. Our car repair shop specials will give you quality brakes at reasonable prices.

• Complete auto brakes inspection
• Replace brake pads or shoes
• Lube calipers and hardware
• Machine rotors or drums
• Test drive
• Labor included


Fluid Services:

$15 Off Transmission Flush 

$10 Off Power Steering Flush

$10 Off A/C Service - AC Service is $74.99 plus freon. 961PPC

$10 Off Brake Fluid Flush

See store for details. Must present coupon at time of service. Most vehicles.

HunterAlignment.jpg$50 ALIGNMENT

(Regular Price $58)

• New Tires?
• Car Pulling?
• Hit a Curb?


A car alignment consists of adjusting tire angles recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure proper performance and tire wear. Accurate front end wheel alignment service improves gas mileage, adds miles to the life of your tires, and corrects many handling problems.

Brakes Plus® will be happy to perform a pre-alignment check for you at no charge with our state of the art Computerized Wheel Front End Alignment System. Not all auto repair shops offer this service. Stop by any one of our Brakes Plus® locations for automotive care service you can depend on.

• Set mechanical adjustments to factory specifications
• Computerized Printout Provided
• All Wheel/Thrust Auto Alignment


20% OFF Repairs:

• Timing Belts
Water Pumps
CV Boots/Axles

Must present coupon at time of service. No other discounts apply. Most vehicles. Maximum discount $200. 940PPC

Additional Service:

Transmission Flush

Low fluid almost always indicates a leak or a malfunction in the transmission or its related components. You should be aware of changes in the driving characteristics of your vehicle - late or early shifting, slipping or unusual noise of any kind.

From automatic transmission flush service to fixing rough shifting problems, Brakes Plus is the trusted transmission repair shop that provides reliable, affordable automatic and manual transmission service.

If you notice either of the following symptoms, you likely need car transmission service:

  • Overheating
  • Shifting Problems

Looking to save money on transmission service? Check out our transmission service coupon for the latest deals and specials. Print it out and come on in to your local Brakes Plus!
*Additional charges may apply to cost of service based on vehicle and/or services required.


The starter does the opposite of the alternator. It changes electrical energy into mechanical energy. The starter uses the electricity from the car battery to start the crankshaft turning, and that gets your vehicle going.


What generates most of the electricity in your vehicle is not the battery, but the alternator. The alternator sends power to essential parts of your vehicle like the headlights, the engine fan, ignition coils and various parts of the fuel injection system. It also powers non-essential, but still very important parts like the radio and air conditioning system.

Looking to save on your next car battery service? Brakes Plus offers great savings with our car battery shop coupon and starter / alternator coupon to help you save even more! Print it out and come on by to your local Brake Plus.


Shocks and struts do wear out and should be checked every 12,000 miles just to be safe and replaced every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Brakes Plus provides quality shocks and struts replacement service at an affordable price. Our shocks and struts repair is dependable and convenient. Drop by your nearest Brake Plus location and let us take care of your car repair needs today.

Due to the fact that shocks and struts wear out slowly over an extended period of time, it often is not obvious that the performance of the shocks and struts have diminished.

Worn shocks or struts may allow the following:

  • Excessive tire bounce
  • Poor tire-to-road contact
  • Reduced suspension control
  • Premature tire wear and increased wear on other suspension components
  • Reduced handling and braking performance
  • Noise and suspension vibration

Looking to save on shocks and struts replacement? Check out our shocks and struts coupons for awesome deals and savings.